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What is hypnosis?
What can advanced hypnotherapy do for you?
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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a very natural state of deep and pleasant relaxation. Each and every one of us experiences natural hypnosis every day because it is that wonderful state we pass through as we enter and emerge from sleep. Hypnotherapy utilises this very natural and pleasant state as a bridge between our conscious and unconscious mind, thus facilitating change in our thoughts and our behaviour patterns. The most common sensations after hypnosis are feelings of renewed vitality and a greater sense of well-being. In short— refreshed and refocused.

What is advanced hypnotherapy?

Advanced hypnotherapy is a blend of coaching and counselling skills put together with experience, tried and tested techniques from the world of psychology and hypnotherapy. This combination is ideal for creating tailor made sessions adapted to the needs of each individual.

The therapist also draws on a knowledge of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming.) NLP is about connection. How we interact with ourselves and with the world around us, through our thoughts, speech and actions.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) a form of non-invasive meridian therapy is another tool I use in my work. Strong and overwhelming emotions can be smoothed away in a matter of moments. Even if these emotions have been with us for a long time.

Is hypnosis like meditation?

Yes. It is often said that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. Self hypnosis can be a lot quicker than meditation to master. Whether you are focusing on a particular issue or simply to produce profound levels of stress reduction and relaxation.

Can hypnosis successfully tackle stress?

Yes. The modern world creates a daily diet of almost indigestible stress. Stress is now a fact of life. Our nervous systems are bombarded by an excess of stimulus from traffic noises to tax bills and worries about a decent education for our children, to threat from terrorism. It is so much easier to reach our goals if we know how to balance activity with relaxation. The truth is that underneath our own personal pool of knowledge there is a storehouse of wisdom. We have to create calmness in the pool so that we can think, feel and act wisely.

What does a session include?
  • Stop Smoking sessions are 2 hours and 30mins duration.
  • Initial consultations for other therapuetic purposes are 2 hours duration.
  • Subsequent sessions are 1 hour and 30mins duration.
  • Each session will include time to discuss progress from the previous session and time for hypnosis and other beneficial techniques.
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