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“Sessions with Christine have helped me to gain clarity at a time when chronic pain had completely undermined my self esteem and my thoughts had become jumbled and chaotic. I arrived at Christine's muddled and confused and left feeling much more confident, purposeful and self-aware.”

(JG Thornton Heath)


“I have had a phobia of spiders since childhood. I only had to see a spider and I would start panicking. Even a tiny spider would upset me and although I'm not proud to admit this I would have to find some way of killing it if I couldn't get someone else to remove it. Christine took me through the EFT tapping system in a bid to diminish the emotional charge that fuelled my fear of spiders. I am happy to tell you no harm has come to any spiders that I have come across since then. I have even removed a couple of small ones using a container and without fear or panic.”

(TH —Mitcham)

Panic Attacks

“I have suffered from chronic panic attacks for many years now. So much so I find it impossible to venture to new destinations without extreme fear. Last year my daughter announced her wedding plans. Although we were all delighted, to my horror the location of the reception was somewhere that I felt would be impossible for me to travel to. My wife suggested that I contact Christine because of a personal recommendation. I very grudgingly gave her a call. Hypnosis was not something I would generally have considered. The rest is history. Going to Christine gave me the confidence and the strategies that I needed. My daughter's wedding was one of the best days of my life.“


Wedding Bells

"Thank you so much for all the help you gave me before my
wedding. It was just a perfect day, as you said it would be! I really enjoyed myself and testimony to this is how happy I look in all pictures.

You were a massive help and support to me - I never imagined that the day could have been such fun and without your help I know I wouldn't have enjoyed it so much. Joe said to me afterwards, 'well, she worked wonders considering before everytime you heard the music you were going to walk down the isle to you started crying!' And you did - so thank you!"

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